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The following word-list of 'Nordic' or 'Blue-Eyed English', devised by Grainger, and used extensively in his writings, has been compiled by Teresa Balough. This glossary does not purport to be complete as new terms frequently turn up as more of Grainger's writings become available.

ABACK-TAKE-MENT: surprise (Fr., L.)

ABACK-TAKING: surprising (Fr., L.)

ABOUNDMENT: abundance (O.Fr. - L.)

ABOUT-CHANGING: alternative (L.)

ADD-UP-MAN: accountant (O.Fr. - L.)

AFTER-APEMENTS: imitations (L.)

AFTER-APING imitating (L.)


AFTER-WRIT: postscript (L.)

AGAIN-BIRTH: reincarnation (L./Low L.-L.)

AGAIN-KEN: recognise (O. Fre. - L.)

AGAINST-NESS: opposition (L.)

AGAINST-TONE: counter melody (Fr., -L; Fr., -Late L.-Fr.)

AGAINST-WEIGHSOME: compensatory (L.)

AHEAD-GUARD: advance guard (O. Fre. - L.)

AIR-HOLE: ventilation (L.)

AIR-SUCK-MENT: air suction (L.)

ALL-FOR-ALL-LIFE: socialism (Fr., -L.)

ALL-FOR-ALL-LIFE-SOME: socialistic (Fr., -L.)

ALL-FREETH: nature (Fr., -L.)

ALL-LAMEDNESS: paralysis (Gr.)

ALL-MANKIND-LIKE: universal (L.)

ALL-OF-A-PIECE-LY: consistently (L.)

ALL-OF-A-PIECE-NESS: uniformity (L.)

ALL-OF-ONE-PIECE-LY: consistently (L.)

ALLOWANCE: permission (L.)

ALLROUND: general (O. Fr., -L.)

ALL-SCHOOL: university (L.)

ALL-SCHOOL LORE-PRIEST: university professor (L./L.)

ALL-SCHOOL-SOME: university (adj.) (L.)

ALL-SCHOOL TEACH-BOSS: university professor (L./L.)

ALL-SOME: complete (L.)

ALL-STIR: nature (Fr., L.)

ALL-THEED-SOME: cosmopolitan (Gr.)

ALL-WEATHER: climate (O.Fr., Gr.)

ALL-WORLD-SOME: cosmic (Gr.)

ALREADY-SAID-NESSES: platitudes (Fr.)

ALTAR-SLAIN: sacrificed (L.)

ALTAR-SLAY: sacrifice (L.)

ALTAR-SLAYTH: devotion (L.)

AMERICAN LAND-VOW-TAKER: naturalised American citizen (L./M.E.-O.Fr.)

ANGEL-WINE: inspiration (L.)

ANGEL-WINED: inspired (L.)

ARMY-BOSS: general (O.Fr., -L.)

AROUND-SCAPE: panorama (Gr.)

ART-MAN: artist (Fr., It.-L.)

ART-MANS: artist’s (Fr., It.-L)

ART-OUGHT-CODE: artist’s code (Fr., It.-L.)

ARTSOME: artistic (Fr., It.-L.)

ART-SUNDERMENT: movement (O.Fr.-L.)

AS AGAINST: opposed (L.)

AS-FIRST-WAS: original (Fr.-L.)

ASKMENT: question (O.Fr.,-L.)

AT-BEING: present (O.Fr.,-L.)

AT-CAME: arrived (O.Fr.,-L.)

AT-COMTH: arrival (O.Fr., -L.)

AT-FINDMENT: invention (L.)

AT-FIRSTLY: originally (Fr.-L.)

ATLANTIC MIND: the type of mind born of the harsh Atlantic weather

AT-LAST-SOME: final (Fr., -L.)

ATNESS: presence (O.Fr.,-L.)


AT-PART: role (Fr.)

AT-REST-SET: satisfied (O.Fr.-L.)

AT-SLANT: attitude (Fr. or It. from L.L.)

ATSOME: present (O.Fr., -L.)

AT-TALK: address (Fr.-L.)

AWARESOME: conscious (L.)

AWE-WORSHIP: superstition (L.)

BACKGROUNDS: accompanies (Fr.)

BACK-HOLD-SOME: restrained (O.Fr.-L.)

BACK-SPRING-SOME: plastic (Gr.)

BACK-THROWTH: atavism (L.)

‟BAD TIMES: ‟Depression (L.)

BAND-BOSS: conductor (L.)

BAND-BOSS-SHIP: conductorship (L.)

BANDED-LANDS: The Allies (O.Fr.-L.)

BANE-FRAUGHT: dangerous (O.Fr.-L.)

BASS-FIDDLE: violoncello (It.)


BEARING UPON: regarding (Fr.)

BE-ARTS: artisticizes (Fr., It.-L.)

BEAST-LIKE: animal (L.)

BEASTS: animals (L.)

BEAUTY-CODE-SOME: esthete (Gr.)

BE-CHORD: harmonize (through Fr. and L., -Gr.)

BE-DEED: perform (Anglo-Fr.--O.Fr. (L.))

BE-DENT: impress (L.)

BE-EKE: increase (M.E.--Anglo-Fr.--L.)

BE-ENDED: finished (Fr.-L.)

BE-ENDING: finish (Fr.-L.)

BEEN-THRU-MENTS: experiences (Fr., -L.)

BEEN-THRU-SOME-NESS: experience (Fr., -L.)

BEEN-THRU-THE-MILL-NESSES: experiences (Fr., -L.)

BE-EYEGAYED: illustrated (L.)

BE-FINEMENT: refinement (L./Fr.-L.)

BE-FREEDMENT: relief (O.Fr.)


BE-FRESHING: refreshing (L.)

BE-FRUITING: fructifying (L.) BE-FUNNED: amused (Fr.)

BEGINSOME: original (Fr.-L.)

BEGINSOMELY: originally (Fr.-L.)


BEHAVE-MENT: behavior (‟ior = L.)

BEHEST: command (Fr.-L.)

BEHEST-GIVER: dictator (L.)

BEHEST-HALLOWED: authorised (through Fr. from L.)


BEHEST-HEED-SOME: obedient (L.)


BEHEST-HEEDTH: obedience (L.)

BEHEST-POWER: authority (L.)

BEHEST POWER-RIDDEN: given over to authoritativeness (L.)

BEHEST-RIDDEN: authority-ridden (L.)

BEHEST-SWAY: domineeringness (prob. through D.-O.Fr.-L.)

BEHEST-UNHEED: disobey (O.Fr.(L.)/Fr.-L.)

BEING-TYPE: nature (Fr.,-L.)

BE-IRKED: annoyed (O.Fr.; perhaps from L.)

BE-NAMED: mentioned (L.)

BE-NAME-MENT: mention (L.)

BE-NAYED: negated (L.)

BE-POORING: impoverishing (O.Fr.-L.)

BE-PRIZED: precious (O.Fr.0L.)

BE-RAGES: enrages (O.Fr.(L.)/Fr.,-L.)

BE-RICHING: enriching (Fr.(L.)/O.Fr.; of Germanic Origin)

BE-SPEAKMENT: discussion (L.)

BEST-LEG-FORWARD: pretentiousness (Fr.-L.)

BE-SURED: assured (O.Fr.-L.L.)

BE-TAINTMENT: contamination (L.)

BE-TALKED: discussed (L.)

BE-TALKING: discussing (L.)

BE-TALKMENT: discussion (L.)

BETROTHED: engaged (Fr.-O.Fr.)

BETTER-LIKING: preferring (Fr.-L.)

BEWAILMENT: complaint (Fr.-LowL-L.)

BE-WEAL: benefit (M.E., through Fr. from L.)

BE-WEALS: benefits (M.E. through Fr. from L.)

BEYOND-LIVTH: survival (Fr., -L.)

BIDE-READY: patient (Fr.-L.)

BIG BLENT-BAND: symphony orchestra (Gr./L.,-Gr.)

BILL-OF-FARE: program (Gr.)

BIRTH: create (L.)

BIRTHFUL: creative (L.)

BIRTH-GIVER: parental (Fr.-L.)

BIRTH-GIVERS: parents (Fr.-L.)

BIRTH-STARTED: conceived (O.Fr.-L.)

BLENT-BAND-Y: orchestral (L.-Gr.)

BLENT-GOD LORISTS: theosophists (Gr.)



BLISSFULSOME: ecstatic (Gr.)

BLOOD-BEQUEATHMENT: inherited instincts (O.Fr.-Low L. - L./L.)

BLOODGOT: inherited (O.Fr.-Low L.-L.)

BLUE-EYED: Nordic (Fr.)

BLUE-EYED ENGLISH: Pure English (Fr.-L.)


BODY-HOLDMENTS: positions (Fr.-L.)

BODY-SHAPE: figure (Fr., -L.)

BODY-STIRS: gestures (Low L.-L.)

BOOK-ART: literature (L.)

BOOK-ARTSOME: literary (L.)

BOOK-FAINTH: fondness for books (for ‟fonned, pa.p. of M.E. ‟Fonnen, to act foolishly)

BOOKING-BOSSES: concert managers (It./It.-L.)


BOSTON-CHRISTENDOM: Christian Science (O.E.-Gr./Fr.,-L.)

BOTHSOME: mutual (Fr.-L.)

BOWED-TO: respected (L.)

BOWFULLY: politely (L.)

BRAY-WINNING: champion (Fr., -Low L. -L.)

BREAST-FED: nourished (O.Fr.-(Fr.)-L.)

BREED-GROUP PAST-LORE: family history (L./L.-Gr.)

BREED-GROUP PHOTO-BOOKS: family albums (L./L.)

BREED-GROUPS: families (L.)

BREED-GROUPSOME: family (adj.) (L.)

BREED-GROUPSOME FONDNESS: family affection (L./L.)

BREED-LINKS: generation (L.)

BRIDGE-PLAN ART: civil engineering (L./O.Fr.-L.)

BRIDGE-WRIGHT: engineer (O. Fr.-L.)

BRIGHT-SHINING: brilliant (Fr.-LowL.)

BROIDERIES: variations (L.)

BROIDERY: variation (L.)

BROODGROUP MEN: family men (L.)

BROODLINK: generation (L.)

BUILD-ART: architecture (Gr.)

BUILDING ROOTS: foundations (Fr.-L.)

BUILD-MONGERS: contractors (L.)

BUILD-WRIGHT: architect (Gr.)

BURIAL-MARCH: funeral (O.Fr., -Low L.-L.)

BURST OPENSOME: explosive (L.)

BUSINESS-BOSS: manager (It.-L.)

BY-CHANCE-LY: accidentally (L.)



CAUGHT-MEN: prisoners (O.Fr.-L.)

CENTER-SWAY: centralisation (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

CHANCE-FOR-ALL-DOM: democracy (Fr.-Gr.)

CHANCE-FOR-ALL-FULLNESS: democraticness (Fr.-Gr.)

CHANCE-FOR-ALLTH: democracy (Fr.-Gr.)


CHANGE-SHOCK: contrast (Fr.-L.)

CHANGE-SHOCK-FUL: contrasting (Fr.-L.)

CHAPMAN: merchant (O.Fr.-L.)

CHEAPINGHAVEN: Copenhagen (German name)

CHEST-ROT: consumption (L.)

CHEST-ROTSOME: consumptious (L.)

CHIEF-CHURCH: cathedral (L.-Gr.)

CHIME: glockenspiel (Ger.)



CHURCH-SING-PLAYS: oratorios (It., -L.)

CLASS-MELTMENT: democracy (Fr.-Gr.)


CLEAR-TOLD: described (L.)

CLEAR-TO-SEE: obvious (L.)

CLEAR-UP-TALE: explanation (O.Fr.-L.)

CLEAR-UP-WORD: explanation (O.Fr.-L.)

CLOSE-AT-HANDNESS: propinquity (L.)

CLOSECLASPED: intimate (L.)

CLOSE-PHRASE: cadence (Fr., -L.)

CLOSE-UP: detail (Fr.)

COME-BACKS: reactions (L.L.)

COME-HANDYNESS: convenience (L.)

COMES-BACK: reacts (L.L.)

COME-UNDONE: distracted (L.)


COPYPRINTMENTS: reproductions (L.)


COULD-NOT-SOME: impossible (L.)

COUNTRY-STYLE: countrified (O.Fr.-Low L.-L.)

COUNTRY-TUNE: folksong (O.E.; O.N.; Ger./O.E.; Du., Ger., O.N.)

COW-POX-TREATED: vaccinated (L.)


CREST: climax (Gr.)

CRIME-SPY: detective (L.)

CROSS-STRIVING: contending (L.)

CROWD-MASS: public (L.)


CROWD-PLEASING: popular (L.)

CRUEL-HOOD: cruelty (Fr.-L.)

CRUEL-LUST: sadism (Marquis de Sade)

CRUSH-SNAKES: boa-constrictors (L./L.)

CURE-CASTLE-SOME: clinical (Gr.)

CURE-FINDERS: patients (Fr., -L.)

CURE-HURT: punished (Fr., -L.)

CURE-SEEKER: patient (Fr., -L.)

CURE-STRIKE: punish (Fr.-L.)

CUT-CURE-CRAFT: surgery (Fr.-Gr.)

CUT-CURER: surgeon (Fr.-Gr.)

CUT-LEECH: operate (L.)


DEAF-HEARD: ignored (L.)

DEAF-HEARING: ignoring (L.)

DEED-FIT-NESS: practicality (Obs.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

DEED-JOKES: practical jokes (Obs. Fr.-L.-Gr.)

DEEMTH: opinion (L.)

DEEMTH-SWAY: public opinion (L/L.)

DE-EVENWEIGHTEN: unbalance (O.E./Fr.,-L.)

DE-HALLOWED: excommunicated (from Late L.-L.)

DE-HUBBED: decentralised (L./Fr.-L.-Gr.)

DIGER-IN-THE-TONE-PAST: musicologist (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

DISHED-UP: arranged (O.Fr.(L.))

DISH-UP: arrangement (O.Fr.(L.))

DOFULLNESS: activity (L.)

DONT-CARISH: indifferent (L.)

DON’T-CARISHNESS: indifference (L.)

DOOM-FORBODESOME: apprehensive (L.)

DOOM-FRAUGHT: tragic (L.-Gr.)

DOOM-FRAUGHT-NESS: tragedy (L.-Gr.)

DOOM-GLOOM: despair (O.Fr.-L.)

DOOM-PLAY: tragedy or drama (L.-Gr.)

DO-OVER-MENT: version (O.E.-L.; influenced by O.Fr.)

DO-OVER-MENTS: versions (O.E.-L; influenced by O.Fr.)

DO-SOMENESS: activity (L.)

DO-SOMENESSES: activities (L.)

DOWN-BREAK-SOME: destructive (L.)

DO-WORD: verb (Fr.-L.)

DRINK-CRAZY: delirium tremens (L.)

DRINK-FAIN: fond of liquor (M.E.O.Fr.-L.)

DRINK-FOES: temperance reformers (L./L.)

DWALE-BRINGING: bringing confusion; delusion (O.Fr.-L./L.)

DWELL-SOME: insistent (L.)

DUST-SUCK-GIN: vacuum cleaner (L./O.E.; Ger.)

DWINDLE-ROT: consumption (L.)

EAR-GAYS: pieces (musical) (O.Fr.-Low L.)


EARN-FIELDS: where one earns money

EARN-MENT: deserts (O.Fr.)

EARTH-CRUST-LORE-SOMELY: geographically (Fr., -L., -Gr.)

EARTH-FACE-LORE: geography (Fr., -L., -Gr.)

EASY-TO-READ-NESS: legibility (L.)


EAT SHOP: restaurant (Fr.)


END-SOME FIGHT-WIN: final victory (Fr., -L./L.)

ENOUGHED: content (Fr.-L.)


EVEN-WEIGHT: balance (Fr.-L.)

EVEN-WEIGHTEDNESS: balancedness (Fr.-L.)

EVIL-FOR-EVIL: revenge (O.Fr. (F.)-L.)

EYE ARTS: drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture (O.E./O.Fr.-L./L./Gr.)

EYE-DREAM: vision (Fr., -L.)

EYE-GAYS: pictures (L.)

EYE-HELP-GLASSES: spectacles (L.)

FACE-LIKENESSERS: portrait painters (O.Fr.-L./O.Fr.-L.)

FACTFULLY: actually (L.)

FACT-LORE: science (Fr.,-L.)

FACT-LORE MAN: scientist (Fr., -L.)

FACT-NEAT: exact (L.)

FACT-NEWS: information (O. Fr.-L.)

FACT-REALLY: actually (L.)

FACT-SEARCH: science (Fr.,-L.)

FAIN-TOOK: accepted (L.)

FAIR-HOOD: beauty (O.Fr.-Low L.-L.)

FAME-LIT: famous (O.Fr.,-L.)

FAME-PATH: career (Fr.)

FAME-SING: celebrate (L.)

FARING: travelling (O. Fr.)

FARING-OUTLAYS: travelling expenses (O.Fr./L.)

FARLY-STRANGE: exotic (L.,-Gr.)

FAR OFFNESS: distance (O.Fr.-L.)

FATE FORETELLSOME: prophetic (Fr.-L.)

FEASTSOME: festive (L.)

FEELINGFULNESS: sympathy (Gr.)

FELLOWED: associated or accompanied (L./Fr.)

FELLOW-FEELTH: sympathy (Gr.)

FELLOW-TONE-MEN: fellow musicians (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

FIDDLE: violin (It.)


FIGHT-LOSS: failure (O.Fr.-L.; cf. Du., Ger.)

FIGHT-WIN: victory (L.)

FIGHT-WINNER: conqueror (O. Fr.-L.)

FIGHT-WINSOMELY: successfully (L.)

FIGHT-WINTH: victory or success (L.)

FIGHT-WINTH-WORSHIP: worship of success (L.)

FINELY STRUNG: sensitive (Fr.-L.)

FISH-WINNING: succeeding (L.)

FIT-MADNESS: epilepsy (Gr.)

FIVE-SOME: quintet (It.-L.)

FLAG FLOWERS: irises (Gr.)

FLAG-FOLKSOME GAIN-GREEDS: national economic interests (L./L.-Gr./influenced by O.Fr.L.)

FLAG-HEAT: patriotism (Gr.)

FLAG-HEAT-LESS: unpatriotic (O.E.; L./Br.)

FLAT-FRAMES: platforms (Fr.)

FLESH-SHUNNER: vegetarian (O.Fr.-L.L.-L.)

FOE-CHORDS: discords (O.Fr.-L,)

FOE-CHORDY: discordant (O.Fr.-L.)

FOE-MET: opposed (Fr.,-L., Fr.-L.L.)

FOLK-EYE: the public eye (L.)

FOLK-HOST: the public (L.)

FOLK-LIFE: national life (L.)

FOLK-LIKED: popular (L.)

FOLK-LIKEDNESS: popularity (L.)

FOLK-PLEASE-SOME: popular (L.)

FOLK-PRIDE: national pride (L.)

FOLKSOME: public (L.)

FOLK-SPEECH: language (Fr.-L.)

FOLK-SPIRITED: people spirited (O.Fr.-L.)

FOLK-SPIRITEDNESS: public spiritedness (L.)

FOLK-TONGUES: languages (Fr.-L.)

FOLKWISE: public (L.)

FOLK-WISE DEEMTH-SWAY: public opinion (L./L.)

FOLLOW-PLAN: succession (Fr.)

FONDHEARTED: affectionate (L.)

FOND-KNIT: affectionate (L.)

FOOT-KEYS: pedals (organ) (L.)

FORCE-PLAY: violence (Fr., -L.)

FORE-BIRTH-STIRS: prenatal activities (L./L.)

FOREBODESOME: apprehensive (L.)

FORECHOOSE: prefer (Fr.-L.)

FORECHOOSING: preferring (Fr.-L.)

FORECHOSE: preferred (Fr.-L.)

FORECHOSENLY: preferably (Fr.-L.)


FORE-INGLY: satisfyingly (O.Fr.-L.)

FORE-JUDGEFUL: prejudiced (Fr. and L.)

FORERAN: preceded (Fr.-L.)

FORE-READIED: prepared (Fr.-L.)

FORE-READIMENTS: preparations (Fr.-L.)

FORE-READY: prepare (Fr.-L.)

FORE-WEEN: expect (L.)

FORE-WEENED: expected (L.)

FOR-IRISH: pro-Irish (L.)

FOR SAMPLE: for instance (L.)

FORTHCOMING: provided (L.)

FORTH-CRYING: announcing (O.Fr.-L.)

FORTH-CRY-MENTS: pronouncements (Fr.-L.)

FORTH-EYEGAYED: depicted (L.)

FORTHGOT: produced (L.)

FORTH-HINT: suggest (L.)

FORTH-PLAY: perform (L./Anglo-Fr.--O.Fr.)

FORTH-PLAY-MENT: performance (L./Anglo-Fr.--O.Fr.)

FORTH-PRINTERS: publishers (L.)

FORTH-PRINTMENT: publication (L.)

FORTH-PROVED: justified (Fr. and L.)


FORTH-SHOWMENT: exhibition (L.)

FORTH-SHOWN: manifested (L.)

FORTH-SOUNDMENT: musical performance (Fr.-L.-Gr./Anglo-Fr.--O.Fr.)

FORTH-SPEAK: recite (L.)

FORTH-TALK: recite (L.)

FORTH-STRIDE-MENT: progress (Fr.-L.)

FORWARD-STRIDE-MENT: progress (Fr.-L.)

FORWARD-STRIDTH: progress (Fr.-L.)

FOUR-SOME: quartet (It.-L.)

FREE-FAINTH: love of freedom (O.E.; Ger.; L.)

FREE-MENT: liberation (L.)

FREE-OFFERED: volunteered (Fr.-L.)

FRESH KEPT: preserved (Fr.-L.)

FRIEND-CHORD-SOME: harmonious (through Fr. and L.,-Gr.)

FRITH-CLOSE: close to nature (Fr., -L.)

FRITH-CODE: nature code (Fr.,-L.)

FRITH CURERS: nature healers (Fr.,-L./O.E.; cf.Ger., Du., O.N.)

FRITH-FORCE: nature (Fr., -L.)

FRITH-LIFE: nature-life (Fr., -L.)

FRITH-LIKENESS: naturalness (Fr., -L.)

FRITH-LIT: inspired by nature (L./Fr.,-L.)

FRITHLY: naturally (L.)

FRITH-MAN: primitive (Fr.-L.)

FRITH-PLAN: scheme of nature (Gr./Fr.,-L.)

FRITHRY: nature (Fr., -L.)

FRITHSELF: nature (individual) (Fr.,-L.)

FRITH-SOME: natural (L.)


FRITH-TUNED: nature-attuned (Fr.,-L./L.)

FULL-FED: satisfied (O.Fr.-L.)

FUN-HERDSOME: social (Fr., -L.)

FUN-JOB: amateur (Fr.-L.)

FUNNY SING-PLAYS: comic operas (L.-Gr/It.,-L.)

FUN-SHOW: entertainment (Fr.-.L.)

FUN-TONE-ARTERS: amateur musicians (Fr.-L,/Fr.-L.-Gr.)

FURY-FEEL-TH-ILY: passionately (O.Fr.-L.)

FURY-FILLS: infuriates (L.)

GAIN-DRAUGHTS: advantage (Fr.-L.)

GAIN-FAIN: acquisitive (O.Fr.-L.)

GIN-MATCHMENT-MADNESS: the madness of competition (L.)

GAINST-ACT: counteract (Fr.,-L./L.; Gr.)

GAINST-STIR: reaction (L.L.)

GAINST-STIRRING: reacting (L.L.)

GAP-FILLING: substitute (L.)

GAPPED-DATE-PAPER: magazine (Fr.-It.-Ar.)

GAPPED-TIME-NEWSPAPERS: periodicals (Fr.-L-Gr.)

GAS-BUGGY: automobile (Gr.; L.)

GATHER-HOARDS: collections (L.)

GATHER-SHEAF: collection (L.)

GET-EVEN-URGE: revenge (O.Fr.-Fr.-L.)

GHOST-AWE: superstition (L.)

GIANT SHOW: exhibition (L.)

GIN: machine (Fr., -L.-Gr.)

GIN-AGE: machine-age (Fr.,-L.-Gr.)

GIN-BIRDS: airplanes (Fr., -L.-Gr.)

GIN-GUN: machine gun (Fr.,-L.-Gr.; L.)

GIN OUT-FINDMENTS: technical inventions (Gr./L.)

GINS: engines (O.Fr.-L.)

GIN-WORK: machinery (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

GIVE-WILLING: generous (Fr.-L.)

GIVE-WILLINGNESS: generosity (Fr.-L.)

GLORYFULLY: gloriously (O.Fr.-L.)

GOAL-PLAN: purpose (O.Fr.-L.)

GOD-BELIEF: religion (L.)

GOD-FAINTH: fondness for God (for ‟fonned, pa.p. of M.E. ‟Fonnen, to act foolishly)

GOD-NAYSAYER: atheist (Fr.-Gr.)

GOD-WORSHIP: religion (L.)

GOD-WORSHIPFULNESS: religiousness (L.)

GOD-WOSHIPPING: deifying (Fr.-L.)

GOD-WORSHIPSOME: religious (L.)

GO-GETSOME: energetic (Gr.)

GO-INTH: entrance (Fr.-L.)

GO-ROUND: revolve (L.)

GO-SEEKFARING: touristism (Fr.-L/L.-Gr.)


GRAND-BIRTHGIVERS: grandparents (Fr.-L./Fr.-L.)

GRAVE-MARCH: funeral (O.Fr.,-Low L.-L.)

GREAT-HAUL-MAKING: fortune-making (Fr., -L.)

GREAT-MONEY-HAUL: fortune (Fr.-L.)

GREAT-TOWNS: cities (Fr.-L.)

GREAT TREKK: emigrate (L.)

GREEK RE-BIRTH-AGESOME: Renaissance (Fr.,-L.)

GREEK-REBIRTHSOME: Renaissance (Fr.,-L.)

GROUPLIFE: company (Fr.)

GROUP-MAKERS: members (Fr.-L.)


GRUMBLE-SHOUT: protest (Fr.-L.)

GUEST-ASKMENTS: invitations (L.)

GUEST-TAKE: entertain (Fr.-L.)

GUILT-HURT: punished (Fr.-L.)

GUILT-STRIKE: punish (Fr.-L.)

HAMMER-WOOD: xylophone (Gr.)

HAND-CLAP: applaud (L.)

HAND-CLAPMENT: applause (L.)

HANDWRIT: manuscript (L.)

HANDY: convenient (L.)

HAP-ANGLES: circumstances (L.)

HAP-LORE: history (L.-Gr.)

HAP-POINT: occasion (Fr.,-L.)

HAPS: events (L.)

HAP-TALE: anecdote (Gr.)

HARDSHIP: difficulty (Fr.-L.)

HARM-UNSEEING: innocent (O.Fr.,-L.)

HARRY-HEALTH: diseases (O.Fr.-L.)

HAWKER-CRIED: advertised (Fr.,-L.)

HEAD-CHURCH: cathedral (L.-Gr.)

HEADING-WAY: mental (Fr.,-L.)

HEAD-WORKED: mental (Fr.,-L.)

HEAD-WORKED TALE-LORE: mental arithmetic (Fr.,-L./Gr.)

HEAL-BANDAGE: compress (L.)

HEALTH-FEEDING: diet (Fr.-L.L.-Gr.)

HEALTH-PALACE: sanatorium (L.)

HEARER-HOST: audience (L.)


HEART-KIND: nature (Fr.,-L.)

HEART-LEANING: sympathies (Gr.)

HEART-SORTS: natures (Fr.,-L.)

HEART-UPMAKTH: character (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

HEATHEN-RE-BIRTH: Renaissance (Fr.,-L.)

HEAT-KEENTH: passion (O.Fr.-L.)

HEAT-KEENTHSOME: passionate (O.Fr.-L.)



HE-CHOIR: male chorus (O.Fr.-L./L.,-Gr.)

HE-HIGH: tenor (L.)

HE-LOW FIDDLE: cello (It.)

HE-MID: baritone (Fr.,-Gr.)

HE-MID-LOW: baritone (Fr.-Gr.)

HERALD-SPOKEN: announced (O.Fr.-L.)

HERDSWAY-WIZARDRY: demagogy (Fr.,-Gr.)

HERE-TO-FORE-Y: previous (L.)

HE-SOME: male (O.Fr.-L.)

HIDDENSOMELY: secretly (L.)

HIDE-SPOKENNESS: hypocrisy (Fr.,-Gr.)

HID-MENT: secret (L.)

HIDTH: secret (L.)

HIDTHSOME: secret (adj.) (L.)

HIGH-HILLS: mountains (O.Fr.-L.)

HIGH-JINKS TONE-SHOW: gala concert (Fr.-It./It.)


HINDER-BIRTHSOME: contraceptive (L.)

HIRE-JOB: engagement (Fr.-O.Fr.)

HOARD-BOOK: album (L.)

HOARD-GATHERER: collector (L.)

HOARD-HALL: museum (L.-Gr.)

HOLDMENT: position (Fr.-L.)

HOLY-DIPPED: baptised (Gr.)

HOLY-PILLAR: pedestal (Fr.-It.-(L.))

HOME-TEACHERESSES: governesses (O.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

HOME-TRAINGARTH: station (Fr.-L.)

HONOR-GRANTH: respect (L.)

HONOR-GREED: ambition (Fr.,-L.)

HONOR-GREEDY: ambitious (Fr.,-L.)

HONOR-HUNGER: ambition (Fr.-L.)

HONOR-SING: celebrate (L.)

HONOR-SINGING: celebrating (L.)

HONOR-TOKENED: dedicated (L.)

HOPE-FRAUGHT: propitious (L.)

HOPE-FUL-FILLINGLY: satisfyingly (O.Fr.-L.)

HOPE-FULFILLMENT: satisfaction (O.Fr.-L.)

HOPE-THWARTED: disappointed (L./O.Fr.)

HOPE-THWARTEDNESS: disappointment (L./O.Fr.)

HOPE-THWARTING: disappointing (L./O.Fr.)

HORSE-COP: mounted policeman (Fr.-L./Fr.,-L.-Gr.)

HOST-BADE: invited (L.)

HOST-FULL: hospitable (L.)

HOT-HEART: passion (O.Fr.-L.)

HOUSE-DREW: designed (Fr., -L.)

HOUSE-FIXINGS: furniture (Fr.)

HOUSE-GEAR: furnishings (O.Fr.-O.H.G.)

HOUSE-PLAN ART: architecture (Gr.)

HOUSE-PLAN DRAWING: designing (Fr.,-L.)

HOUSE-WARDEN: custodian (L.)

HOW-LINKED-UPNESS: relation (L.)

HOW-NESS: a quality (O.Fr.-L.)

HOW-NESSES: qualities (O.Fr.-L.)

NOW-STANDMENT: relation (L.)

HOWTH: quality (O.Fr.-L.)

HOW-WORD: adjective (L.)

HUNGERS: appetites (through Fr. from L.)

HURRY-ITCH: impatient (L.)

IDOL-SMASHING: iconoclastic (Gr.)

ILL-FULL-FED: dissatisfied (L./O.Fr.-L.)

IN-CLASP: include (L.)

INDRAWN: concerned (Fr.,-L.)

IN-DWELLERS: natives (L.)

IN-DWELLSOME: native (L.)

IN-GOING: entering (Fr.-L.)

IN-HELD: contained (through Fr. From L.)

IN-STEPPED: entered (Fr.-L.)

IN-STIRS: instincts (L.)

IN-STIRSOMELY: instinctively (L.)

IRK-BEGETTING: irritating (L.)

IRK-READYNESS: irritableness (L.)

JOB-LIFE: professional life or career (L./Fr.)

JOB-PATH: professional (L.)

JOB-STRIVE: compete professionally (L./L.)

JOINT-BARGAINSOME: compromisingly (Fr.-L.)

JOINT-BARTERDOM: compromise (Fr.-L.)

JOKE-ARTISTS: humorists (O.Fr.-L.)

JOY-FARERS: passengers (O. Fr.)

JOY-FELT: enjoyed (O. Fr.; O.Fr.-L.)

JOY-QUAFF: enjoyed (O.Fr.; O.Fr.-L.)

JOY-QUAFFED: enjoyed (O.Fr.; O.Fr.-L.)

JOY-QUAFFSOME: enjoyable (O.Fr.; O.Fr.-L.)

JOY-SWIMMING: reveling (O.Fr.-L.)

JOY-TAKTH: pleasure (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

JUDGE-WRITTEN: criticised (Gr.)

JUST-RIGHT: perfect (L.)

JUST-RIGHTLY: perfectly (L.)

JUST-RIGHTNESS: perfection (L.)

JUST-RIGHTNESS CRAVING: perfection craving (L.)

KEENTH: keenness (O.E.cog. with Ger.)

KEEPING-ON-NESS: persistency (L.)

KEEPTHS: preservations (Fr.-L.)

KEY-BOARD-SWINGING: piano practice (It.(L.)/Obs. Fr.-L.-Gr.)

KEYBOARD-SWINK-TH: piano practice (It(L.)/Obs. Fr.-L.-Gr.)


KEY-SHIFTED: transposed (Fr.,-L.)

KNIGHT-SELFLESSNESS: chivalrousness (Fr.-L.)

KNOW-ALL-TITLE: doctorate (L.)

KNOW-HUNGER: science or inquisitiveness (Fr.-L./L.)

KNOWLEDGELESS: ignorant (Fr.,-L.)

KNOW-LORIST: scientist (Fr.-L.)

LAND-BEFOLKMENT: the population of which (L.)

LAND-CHART: atlas (Gr.)

LAND-FARER: explorer (Fr.-L.)

LAND FLAG-KEENNESS: patriotism (Gr.)

LAND-FOLK: nation (L.)

LAND-FOLKISH: national (L.)

LAND-FOLKSOME: national (L.)

LAND-FOLK-WIDE: nationwide (L.)

LAND-SPEECH: language (Fr.-L.)

LAND-STRETCHES: districts (Fr.,-L.L.)

LAND-TILLERS: peasants (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

LAND-WONTS: national customs (L./O.Fr.-L.)

LAND-WONTSOME: national (L.)

LARGELY-TAKEN: average (It. (L.))

LAST-SOME: final (Fr.-L.)

LAUGH-AT-ABLE: absurd (L.)

LAW-BREAKER: criminal (Fr.-L.)

LAW-DOWN-LAYING: insisting (L.)

LAW-FOSTER: adopt (L.)

LAW-FOSTERED: adopted (L.)

LAW-HALLOWMENT: legalization (L.)

LAWSOME: legal (L.)

LAW-TOOK: adopted (L.)

LAW-UNHALLOWED: illegitimate (L. + Low L.-L.)

LAW-WONTS: legal conventions (L./Fr.-L.)

LEARNER: student (L.)

LEARN-YOUTH: apprentice (O.Fr.-L.)

LEECH-BOOKS: doctor’s books (L.)

LEECH-CRAFT: medicine (O.Fr.-L.)

LEECH-DRINK: medicine (O.Fr.-L.)

LEECH-RANSACKED: examined (Fr.,-L.)

LEECH-TREAT: doctor (L.)

LENGTHEN-MENTS: extensions (L.)

LET-HAPPENSOME: passive (L.)

LET-HAPPENSOMENESS: passiveness (L.)

LETTER-LIST: alphabet (Gr.)

LIFE-KNOTS: problems (Gr.)

LIFE-SET-UP: living conditions (L.)

LIFE-TRYTH: experience (Fr.,-L.)

LIFE-WONTS: conventions (Fr.-L.)

LIFE-WRECKTH: destruction of life (L.)

LIGHT-PRINTS: photos (Gr.)

LIKE-TH: picture (L.)

LIMBS: members (Fr.-L.)

LINE-GAYS: patterns (Fr.)

LINE-GAY-SOME: patterned (Fr.)

LINKED-TOGETHER: combined (L.)

LINKED-UP: connected (L.)

LISTEN-HOSTS: audiences (L.)

LIVE-IN-ABLE: inhabitable (L.)

LIVEMENT: survival (Fr.-L.)

LONE-HANDER: an individualist (L.)

LONE-HANDISHLY: individualistically (L.)

LONE-HANDISHNESS: individualism (L.)

LONE-HAND-LIFE: individualistic life (L.)

LONE-HAND-SOME: individual (L.)

LONE-HAND-Y: individual (L.)

LONG SIDE-RUNNING: parallel (Gr.)

LOOKED-DOWN-UPON: despised (O.Fr.-L.)

LOOKED-FOR-LY: expectedly (L.)

LOOKED-UP-TO-NESS: reputation (L.)

LOOK-FOR-ABLE: to be expected (L.)

LOOK-FORWARD-TO-NESS: expectations (L.)

LORE-PRIEST: professor (L.)

LOVE-BEGRUDGINGNESS: jealousy (O.Fr. -L.-Gr.)

LOVE-BOUND: devoted (L.)

LOVE-BOUNDNESS: devotion (L.)

LOVE DEALS: love affairs (O.Fr.-(L.))

LOVE-MEAN: jealous (O.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

LOVE-SELFISH: jealous (O.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

LOVE-SELFISHNESS: jealousy (O.Fr.-L-Gr.)

MAIN-LAND: continent (L.)

MAIN-LAND-DWELLERS: continental Europeans (L./Gr.)

MAIN SWAY: influence (O.Fr.,-Low L.-L.)

MAKE-STYLE: process (Fr.-L.)

MAKE-UPMENTS: recompenses (O.Fr.-L.)

MAKING-IT-UP-AS-YOU-GO: improvisation (Fr.-L.)

MAN-HERD: society (Fr.,-L.)

MANKINDLINESS: humanitarianism (Fr.-L./L.-Gr.)

MANKINDSOME: human (Fr.-L.)

MAN-TYPE; nature (Fr.-L.)

MAN-WROUGHT: artificial (L.)

MANY-NESS: number (Fr.-L.)

MANYVOICED: polyphonic (Gr.)

MASS-JUDGE-MENT: generalisation (O.Fr.-L.)

MASS-MAKERY: factory (L.)

MASS-SOLD: syndicalised (L.-Gr.)

MASS-WORKSHOP-MEN: factory workers (L.)

MASTER-BUILDER: architect (Gr.)

MATCHED-WITH-OTHERS-BY: comparatively (Fr.,-L.)

MATCHMENT-MADNESS: the madness of competition (L.)

MATCH-METE-MENTS: proportions (L.)

MAUDLIN-MOODED: sentimental (Fr.-L.L.-L.)

MAW: stomach (O.FR.-L.-Gr.)

MAWKTH: sentimentality (Fr.,-L.L.-L.)

MAW-WORK: digest (L.)

MAY-BE-NESSES: possibilities (L.)

MEAN: average (prob. It. (L.)

MEAN-SOME: normal (L.)

MEAN-SOMELY: normally (L.)

MEAT-LESS: vegetarian (O.Fr.-L.L.-L.)

MEAT-SHUN-MENT: vegetarianism (O.Fr.-L.L.-L.)

MEETH: amount (O.Fr.-L.)

MENS SING-BAND: male chorus (O.Fr.-L./L.,-Gr.)

METE-ABLE: measurable (O.Fr.-L.)

METED: measured (O.Fr.-L.)

METE-MENT: measurement (O.Fr.-L.)

MIDDED: extra (L.)

MIDDLE-AGES-SOME: medieval (L.)

MIDDLE-FIDDLE: viola (O.Fr.-L.L.-L.)

MIGHT-BE: possible (L.)

MIGHT-BE-NESSES: possibilities (L.)

MILD-JUDGE: tolerate (L.)

MILD-MINDED: tolerant (L.)

MILD-MINDEDNESS: tolerance (L.)


MIND-CLASH: disagree (L./O.Fr.-L.)

MIND-DENT: impression (L.)

MIND-DREAM: imagine (O.Fr.-L.)

MIND-ELSEWHERE-SOME: absent-minded (L.)

MIND-EYEGAY: mind pictures (L.)

MIND-FANCY: imagine (O.Fr.-L.)


MIND-HOSTESSING: entertaining (the thought) (Fr.-L.)

MIND-HOSTING: entertaining (the thought) (Fr.-L.)

MINDISH: mental (Fr.,-L.)

MIND-MADE-UP-LY: determinedly (Fr., -L.)

MIND-MADE-UP-MENT: decision (L.)

MIND-MARK: impression (L.)

MIND-NUT-TO-CRACK: problem (Gr.)

MIND-PICTURE: vision (Fr.-L.)

MIND-POINTEDNESS: concentration (a lengthened form of ‟concentre)

MIND-POINTING: concentrating (a lengthened form of “concentre)

MIND-PRINT: impression (L.)

MIND-SEE: imagine (O.Fr.-L.)

MIND-SET: expecting (L.)

MINDSOME: mental (Fr.,-L.)

MIND-STIR: interest (from obs. ‟Interess, influenced by O.Fr.-L.)

MIND-STIRRED: interested (from obs. ‟Interess, influenced by O.Fr.-L.)

MIND-STIRRING: interesting (from obs. ‟Interess, influenced by Ofr.-L.)


MIND-TILLED: educated (L.)

MIND-TILLTH: education (L.)

MIND-TILTH-SOMELY: by means of education (L.)

MIND-UNLOCKED: interpreted (L.)

MIND-UNTILLED: uneducated (L.)

MIS-EVEN-WEIGHTEDNESS: unbalancedness (O.E. cf. Ger./Fr.,-L.) MIS-RECKONMENT: miscalculation (L.)

MIS-SCATHE: escape (O.Fr. (Fr.)-L.

MISUSES: abuses (L.)

MIXED-BAND: orchestra (L.-Gr,)

MODEL-SAMPLES: examples (O.Fr.,-L.)

MODE-SCALE-SOMENESS: modalness (Fr., -L.)

MONEY-GAIN: profit (Fr.-L.)

MONEY-OUT-FARMERS: investors (L.)

MONEY-OUT-FARM-MENTS: investments (L.)

MONEY-SNEAKED: embezzled (Anglo-Fr.)

MONEY-STRETCH: afford (M.E.-O.E.)

MONEY-SWING: afford (M.E.-O.W.)

MONEY-WORTH: value (O.Fr.(F.)-L.)

MONK-PARK: monastery (Gr.)

MOOD-HIDESOME: secretive (L.)

MOOD-TYPE: temperament (L.)

MOST SO: especially (O.Fr.-L.)

MOUTH-BEARD: moustache (Fr.-It.-Gr.)

MUCH-MEANING: important (Fr.-L.)

MUCH-MEANING-FUL: important (FR.-L.)

NARROW-BORE BRASS: trumpet, trombone (O.Fr./It.)

NAY-SAID: denied (Fr.-L.)

NAY-SOME: negative (L.)

NAY-SOMENESS: negativeness (L.)

NERVE-CRAZY: hysterical (Gr.)

NERVE-HEADACHES: neuralgia (Gr.)


NEW-MONGER: innovator (L.)

NEWS GLEAN: discover (O.Fr.(L.))

NEWTH: novelty (partly through O.Fr.(F.), partly through It., partly direct from L.)

NEW-TIME: modern (L.)

NEW-TIMEY: modern (L.)

NEW-TIMEY FACT-LORE: modern science (L./Fr.,-L.)

NO-CAN-DO-NESS: inability (L./O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

NON-RIGHT-WRONG-MONGER: anti-moralist (Gr.; L.)

NORTH CHRISTIAN: protestant (Fr.-L.)

NORTHERN-CHRIST-BELIEF: Protestantism (Fr.-L.)

NORTHLANDS: Scandinavia (L.)

NORTHMANISH: Scandinavian (L.)

NORTHMEN: Scandinavians (L.)

NORTH-PINKY: Scandinavian (L.)

NORTH-ROSY-RACE-NESS: Scandinavian-ness (L.)

NOT-CAN-SOME: impossible (L.)

NOT-COUNTING: except (L.)

NOW-Y: present (O.Fr.-L.)

NUMBER-FULL: numerous (L.)

OLD-FANGLED: old-fashioned (O.Fr.-L.)

OLIVE-CROWNS: championships (Fr.,-Low W.-L.)

OLIVE-WINNER: champion (Fr.,-Low L.-L.)

ON-ADDED: extra (L.)

ON-ADDMENT: addition (L.)

ONCE-ONLY: unique (Fr.-L.)

ON-DRAWSOME-NESSES: attractivenesses (L.)


ONE-BODY: person (L.)

ONE-BODY’S: person’s (L.)

ONE-BODY-SHIP: personality (L.)

ONE-BODY-SOME: personal (L.)


ORDER-OF-FOLLOWMENT: succession (L.(Fr.))

ORE-Y: metal (O.Fr.,-L.)

OTHERS: differs (L.)

OTHERSHIP: difference (L.)

OTHERSOMELY: differently (L.)

OTHERSOMENESS: differences (L.)

OTHERY: different (L.)

OUTCHOSEN: special (L.)

OUTCHOSENLY: especially (O.Fr.,-L.)

OUT-COUNTED: except (L.)

OUT-COUNT-MENT: exception (L.)

OUT-FIND-MENT: inventiveness (L.)

OUT-FINDMENTS: inventions (L.)

OUTFITTED: equipped (Fr.-O.N.)

OUTFOUND: discovered (O.Fr.(L.))

OUTLAYS: expenses (L.)

OUT-LOSS: failure (O.Fr.-L.; cf. Du.,Ger.)

OUT OF ASKMENT: out of the question (O.Fr.,-L.)

OUT-SINGLED: special (L.)

OUT-SINGLED-LY: especially (O.Fr.-L.)

OUT-SPREAD-SOME: expansive (L.)

OUT-TESTMENT: examination (Fr.,-L.)

OUT-TRY-TH: experiment (L.)

OUT-WINTH: success (L.)

OUT-WORKING: practicing (Obs. Fr.-L.-Gr.)

OVER-AGAINING: repeating (Fr.-L.)

OVER-AGAINSOME: repeated (Fr.-L.)

OVERDONE-NESS: exaggeration (L.)

OVERDOSOME: exaggerated (L.)

OVERLIVED: survived (Fr.,-L.)

OVER-LORDSHIP: supremacy (L.)


OVER-SAYMENT: exaggeration (L.)

OVER-SET: translated (O.Fr.-L.)

OVER-SETTER: translator (O.Fr.-L.)

OVER-SOUL: genius (L.)

OVER-SOULS: geniuses (L.)

OVER-SOULTH: genius (L.)

OVERSOULY: genius (L.)

OVER-TALKMENT: persuasion (L.)

OWEMENTS: obligations (L.)

PAID-AHEAD: in advance (O.Fr.-L.)

PAID-JOBBER: professional (L.)

PAID-JOB-CRAFT: professionalism (L.)

PAID-JOBFUL: professional (L.)

PAID-JOBSOME: professional (L.)

PAIN-DULLERS: anaesthetics (Gr.)

PAIN-RACKED: agonized (Gr.)

PAIN-THOLED: suffered (L.)

PAINT-LIKENESS: picture or portrait (L./O.Fr.-L.)



PARTY-REAL-RULE: government (O.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

PASS-TALK: conversation (Fr.,-L.)

PAST-HOARD-HOUSES: museums (L.-Gr.)

PAST-LORE: history (L.-Gr.)

PAST-LORIST: historian (L.Fr.)

PAST-PALACE: museum (L.-Gr.)


PEN-PAINTED: described (L.)

PHOTO-BOOKS: albums (L.)

PIANO DOWN-BOILEDMENT: piano transcription (L.)

PIANO-TONE-FEAST: piano recital (L.)

PILED-UP: cumulative (L.)

PILED-UP WONTS: accumulated habits (from L./Fr.,-L.)

PITY-DRENCHED: compassionate (Fr.-L.)

PITY-FAINTH: compassion (Fr.-L.)

PLACE-TAKERS: substitutes (L.)

PLACE-TOOK: was substituted for (L.)

PLAIN-MADE: explained (O.Fr.-L.)

PLAN-DREW: designed (Fr.-L.)

PLANT-FOOD: vegetarian (O.Fr.,-L.L.-L.)

PLANT-LORE: botany (Gr.; cf.L.)

PLATO-CODESOME: platonic (Gr.)

PLAY-FOR-FUN: amateur (Fr.,-L.)

PLAY-HOUSE: theatre (Gr.)

PLAY-HOUSE-LIKE: theatrical (Gr.)

PLAY-HOUSE-SOME-LY: theatrically (Fr.)

PLOT-TONE-ART: program music (Gr./Fr.-L.-Gr.)

POMP-CROWD-FAINTH: love of social life (O.E.; Ger.; cf.L./Fr.,-L./O.E.; O.N., Swsed.; Ger.)

POMP-FAIN: pompous (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

POMP-GRAVE: dignified (LowL.)

POMP-GRAVENESS: dignity (Fr.-L.)

POMP-HERDSOME: social (Fr.,-L.)

POMP-STANDING: social standing (Fr.,-L.)

POMP-THRONG: society (Fr.,-L.)

POMP-THRONG-SOME: social (Fr.,-L.)

POWER CENTEREDNESS: centralisation (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

POWER-FAINTH: lover of power (O.E.; Ger.; cf.L./O.Fr.-Low L.)

POWER-SLONGHTH: rebelliousness (Fr.-L.)

PRAISE-CLAPPED: applauded (L.)

PRIDESHUNTH: humility (O.Fr.-L.)


PUBLIC SALE: auction (L.)

PUFF-BUGGIES: motor cars (L./Norm. Fr.-Low L.)

PUFF-WAGONS: motor lorries (L./ Origin obscure)

PULSE-BEAT: rhythmic (L.-Gr.)

PULSE-LILT: rhythm (L.-Gr.)

PUS-HOLE: abscess (l.)

PUT-INSTEAD: substitute (L.)

PUT-TOGETHER: compound (O.Fr., from L.)

PUZZLE-TASKS: problems (Gr.)

PUZZLE-WEFTY-NESS: complicatedness (L.)

QUARREL-FAIN; argumentative (O.Fr.-L.)

QUOTE-MENT: quotation (O.Fr.-Low L.-L.)

QUOTE-MENTS: quotations (O.Fr.-LowL.-L.)


RACE-HOWTH: racial qualities (O.Fr.-L.)

RACE-HOWTHS: racial qualities (O.Fr.-L.)


RACK-PAIN: torture (L.L.)

RACK-PAINFUL: agonising (Gr.)

RAGE-INREINTH: control of rage (Fr.-L.)

RAIN-STICKS: umbrellas (It.-L.)

REAL-FEEL: realise (Low L.-L./Gr.,L.,Fr.)

REALM-FOLK: nation (L.)

REALM-KEENTH: patriotism (Gr.)

REALM-OVERTHROW-MENTS: revolutions (L.L.-L.)

REALM-SPEECH: language (Fr.-L.)


REAL-RULE: government (O.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

REAL-SAW: realised (Low L.-L.)

REAL-SEE: realise (Low L.-L.)

REAL-SEEING: realising (Low L.-L.)

REAL-SIGHT: realisation (Low L.-L.)

RE-ARISEMENT: resurrection (L.)

RE-BIRTH-AGESOME: Renaissance (Fr.,-L.)

RE-BIRTHMENT: reincarnation (L./Low L.-L.)

RECKON-CRAFT: arithmetic (Gr.)

REDD: read (O.E.-Ger.)

REDED: advised (O.Fr.)

REDES: counsels (Fr.-L.)

REDE-SEEK: consult (L.)

REDE-SOUGHT: consulted (L.)

RE-HEALTH-MENT: convalescence (L.)

REKON: recognise (O.Fr.-L.)

RE-KNOW: recognise (O.Fr.-L.)

RIDDLE-KEY: theory (Gr.)

RIDDLE-KNOTS: problems (Gr.)

RIDDLE-REDD: read (O.E.-Ger.)

RIDE-WHEEL: bicycle (formed from L. and Gr.)


RIGHT-CODE-LESS: immoral (L.) RIGHT-CODES: morals (L.)

RIGHT-CODE-SHIP: morality (L.)


RIGHT-CODESOME BE-TAINTMENT: moral contamination (L./L.)

RIGHT-CODESOME OVER-TALKMENT: moral persuasion (L./L.)

RIGHT-CODE-TH: morality (L.)

RIGHT-SET: correct (L.)

RIGHT-SIDE: mainstay (partly O.E., partly O.N.; influence of O.Fr. (L./ partly O.E.; partly O.Fr.)

RIGHT-WISE-NESS: righteousness (O.E.)

RILTHS: annoyances (O.Fr., perh. from L.)

RIME-ART: poetry (Fr.-L.-Gr.)


RIME-FORTHSAYMENT: elocution (Fr.,-L.)

RIME-GAYS: poetry (Fr.-L.-Gr.)


RIMESTERESS: poetess (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

RING: circle (O.E.-L.)

RING-CORE: center (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

RISK-FRAUGHT: dangerous (O.Fr.-L.)

ROMAN WORLD-POWER: Roman Empire (L./Fr.,-L.)

ROME-CHRISTIANDOM: Catholicism (Gr.)

ROME-CHRISTIANS: Catholics (Gr.)

ROOM-MUSIC: chamber music (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

ROOM-TONERY: chamber music (Fr.-L.-Gr./Fr.-L.-Gr.)

ROOM-TONE-TOOLS: chamber orchestra (Fr.-L.-Gr./L.-Gr.)

ROOT-REACHING: fundamental (Fr.,-L.)

ROOT-STIRS: elemental instincts (L./L.)

ROOT-THINGS: elements (L.)

ROOT-TRUE: genuine (L.)

ROSY-RACE-Y: Nordic (Fr.)

ROUGH-WAlT-SOME: domineering (prob. through Du.-O.Fr.-L.)

ROUND-RINGMENTS: circumstances or surroundings (L./O.Fr.-L.)

ROUND-SCAPE: panorama (Gr.)

ROUND-SWING: radius (L.)

RUE: regret (O.Fr.)

RUE-WORTHY: regrettable (O.Fr.)

RULE-BY-THE-HIGH-BORN: aristocracy (Gr.)

RULE-GIVERS: governors (O.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

RULE-SMASHING: rebellious (Fr.-L.)

RULE-SMASHING: revolution (L.L.-L.) RULE-THANE: governor (O.Fr.-L.-Gr.)

RULE-TYPED: regular (L.)

RUMBLED: drummed (Gmc.)

RUT-MINDED: conventional (Fr.,-L.)

RUT-THOTSOME: conventionally thinking (Fr.,-L./OE.; cog. with Ger.)

RUT-THOUGHTS: conventions or platitudes (Fr.,-L./Fr.)

RUT-TILTH: platitudinousness (Fr.)

RUT-WONTED: conventional (Fr.,-L.)

RUT-WONTSOME: conventional (Fr.,-L.)

SALE-GAIN: profit (Fr.,-L.)


SAME-DEEM: agree (O.Fr.-L.)

SAME-DEEMING: agreeing (O.Fr.-L.)

SAME-TIMED: synchronised (Gr.)

SAMPLE: example or instance (O.Fr.,-L.)

SAMPLE-MENT: example (O.Fr.,-L.)

SANDWASTES: deserts (O.Fr.-L.)

SAX-REED: saxophone (Gr.)

SCATHE-MISSING: escaping (O.Fr.(Fr.).-L.)

SCENE-GEAR: scenery (L.-Gr.)

SCORING-WONTS: scoring habits (Fr.,-L.)

SCREW: propellor (L.)

SCROLL-GAYS: patterns (Fr.)

SEEABLE: visible (L.)

SEE-KNOW: recognise (O.Fr.-L.)

SEE-KNOW-ABLE: recognisable (O.Fr.-L.)

SELF-ALTAR-SLAYTH: self sacrifice (L.)

SELF-BEGUILTING: accusing (O.Fr.-L.)

SELF-ENOUGHNESS: individualism (L.)

SELF-FENDFULNESS: independence (L./Fr.-L.)

SELF-FENDSOME: independent (L./Fr.-L.)

SELF-FINDSOME: independent (L.Fr.-L.)

SELFHOODSOME: original (Fr.-L.)


SELF-KILL-TH: suicide (L.)

SELF-LIKE-TH: self-portrait (O.Fr.-L.)

SELF-SWAYTH: self-control (Fr.-L.)

SELF-TRIEDNESS: experience (Fr.,-L.)

SELF-TYPE: nature (Fr.,-L.)

SELF-UP-OFFER-FUL: self sacrificial (L.)

SELF-WRECKTH: self destruction (L.)

SEND-WRIT: letter (Fr.-L.)

SENSE-FLOUTING: preposterous (L.)


SET: regular (L.)

SETLY: regularly (L.)

SET-UP: conditions (L.)

SET-UP-MENTS: arrangements (O.Fr.-(L.))

SET-UPTH: establishment (O.Fr.-L.)

SHAME-RATED: despised (O.Fr.-L.)

SHAME-SHOCK: scandalise (L.-Gr.)

SHAME-SMACKS: insults (L.)

SHAM-TALK: pretend (Fr.-L.)

SHAPE-ART: sculpture (L.)

SHAPE-ARTERS: sculptors (L.)


SHAPE-GAYS: statues (L.)

SHAPE-PIECE: statue (L.)

SHARP-PAINING: torturing (L.L.)

SHE-HIGH: soprano (It.-L.)

SHE-HIGH FIDDLE: viola (O.Fr.-L.L.-L.)

SHE-HIGH SAX-REED: soprano saxophone (It.-L./Gr.)

SHE-LOW: contralto (It.)

SHE-LOW FIDDLE: violin (O.Fr.-L.L.-L.)

SHE-SOME: female (Fr.-L.)

SHE-SWAY: female domination (Fr.-L./L.)

SHIELDMENT: protection (L.)

SHIELD-SOME: protective (L.)


SHOW-AIR: aria (It.)

SHOW-OFF TONE-GAY: concerto (It.)

SHOW-TONEPIECE: concerto (It.)

SHOW-UP: appear (through Fr., from L.)

SHRUNK: condensed (L.)

SHY-MOODEDNESS: modesty (L.)

SICK-MONGER: hypochondriac (Gr.)

SICK-TAINT: infect (L.)

SIDE-MATCH: compare (Fr.,-L.)

SIDE-MATCH-ABLE: comparable (Fr.,-L.)

SIDE-MATCHED: compared (Fr.,-L.)

SIDE-MATCH-SOME: comparatively (Fr.,-L.)

SIDE-METEMENT: relation (L.)

SIDE-RUNSOME: parallel (Gr.)

SIDE-STEP: avoid (Fr./O.Fr.)

SIDE-TAKING: partial (Fr.,-Low L.-L.)

SIDE-WINDING: veering to the left or right (Fr.-L.L.)

SING-BAND: chorus (L.-Gr.)

SING-HOST: chorus (L.-Gr.)

SING-HOST-GAYS: choruses (L.-Gr.)


SINGLE-REED: clarinet (Fr.,-L.)

SINGLES: solos (Fr.,-L.)


SING-PLAY: opera (It.,-L.)

SING-TYPED: vocal (L.)

SIN-TRAP: temptation (O.Fr.-L.)

SIZE-BOOSTED: enlarged (O.Fr. (L.))

SKAITH-WILL: mischievousness (O.Fr.-L.)

SKILL-MATCH: competition (L.)

SKILL-MATCHMENT: competition (L.)

SLIP-HORN: trombone (It.)

SLIP-HORNIST: trombonist (It.)

SLY-GUESS: suspect (L.)

SLYNESS: deceit (L.)

SMALL FLUTE: piccolo (It.)

SMALL-POINTS: details (Fr.)

SOME-AND-NO-OTHER: certain (O.Fr.-L.)

SONG-THREAD: melody (Fr.,-Late L.-Gr.)

SONG-TWO-SOMES: vocal duets (L./It.-L.)

SOOTHE-WORD: comfort (O.Fr.-L.)


SOUL-TILTH-DOM: culture (L.)

SOUL-TILTHFUL: cultural (L.)

SOUL-TILTH WONTS: traditions (L.)

SOUL-TUNES: melody (Fr.,-Late L.-Gr.)

SOUND-DISKED: gramophoned (Gr.)

SOUND-DISK-PLAYER: gramophone (Gr.)


SOUND-WAINS: tonal vehicles (L.-Gr./L.)


SPARROW-GRASS: asparagus (L.-Gr.)

SPEECH-SHIFTED: translated (O.Fr.-L.)

SPEAK-LIKEMENTISHLY SPEAKING: figuratively speaking (Fr.-L.)

SPEECH-COLOR: accent (Fr.,-L.)

SPEECH-RIGHT-CODE: grammar (O.Fr.; from Low L.-Gr.)

SPEECH-SHIFTED: translated (O.Fr.-L.)

SPIRIT-KINDLED-NESSES: inspirations (L.)

SPIRIT-LIT: inspired (L.)

SPIRIT-LITNESS: inspiration (L.)

SPLIT: movement (O.Fr.-L.)

SPONGE-GUEST: parasite (Gr.)

SPONGE-GUESTS: parasites (Gr.)


SPONGE-GUESTSOME: parasitical (Gr.)

SPOOK-AWES: superstitions (L.)

SPOOK-CULT: spiritualism (L.)

SPORT-FOR-FUN: amateur (Fr.-L.)

SPRING-BACKFULL: elastic (Late Gr.)

SPRING-BACK-RUBBER: elastic (Late Gr.)

SPURT-MOODED: impulsive (L.)

STAND-PATNESS: conservatism (L.)

STAND-PATTERS: conservatives (L.)

STAND-TAKE: insist (L.)

STAND-TOOK: insisted (L.)

STAR-PLAY: solo (It., L.)

STARRED: solo (It.,L.)

STATE-THANES: officials (Fr.-L.)

STAYS ON: remains (O.Fr.-L.)

STEADLY: local (L.)

STEADSOMELY: locally (L.)

STEAD-SPEECH: dialect (through Fr. and L. from Gr.)

STONE-PORRIDGE: concrete (L.)

STOOD-TO-IT: insisted (L.)

STRAIN-TRYMENT: effort (Fr.,-L.)

STRETCH-LITHE: elastic (Late Gr.)

STRING-WIND-BAND: orchestra (L.-Gr.)

STRONGLY-SELFED: strong personality (L.)

SUED-MAN: defendant (L.)

SUFFER-FAINTH: masochism (O.Fr.(Fr.)-Low L., prob Gmc.)

SUNDAY-REDE: pious (L.)

SUNDERABLE: separable (L.)

SUNDEREDNESS: differentiation (L.)

SUN-RAYSOMELY: radiantly (L.)

SURE ENOUGH: certainly (O.Fr.-L.)

SWAY-GINS: machines of influence (Fr.,-L.-Gr./O.Fr.,-Low L.-L.)

SWOLLEN-HEADED: conceited (O.Fr.-L.)


TABLE-LISTED: tabulated (L.)

TAKEN-UP-NESS: preoccupation (L.)

TAKING-INTO-RECKONMENTS: considerations (Fr.-L.)

TAKING THE EYES: appearing (through Fr., from L.)

TAKING-UP-ARMS: championing (Fr.,-Low L.-L.)

TALE-STRETCH: chapter (O.Fr.-L.)

TALE-LORE: arithmetic (Gr.)

TALI: number (Fr.-L.)


TALK-PLAY: conversation (Fr.-L.)

TALK-THEMES: subjects (Fr.-L.)

TALK-TOSSMENT: conversation (Fr.-L.)

TALK-TUBE: phone (Gr.)

TALK-WRESTLE: argue (O.Fr.-L.)

TAME-BEASTS: animals (L.)

TAME-LIGHTNING-LY: electrically (L.-Gr.)

TAME-LIGHTNINGLY SOUND-BOOST: electrically amplify (L.-Gr.;L.)

TEACH-BOSS: professor (L.)

TEACH-BOUTS: lessons (Fr.-L.)

TEACH-CRAFTER: educationalist (L.)

TEACH-FUL: instructive (L.)

TEACH-SPEAKERS: lecturers (L.)

TEACH-SPEAKS: lectures (L.)

TEACH-TALKING: lecturing (L.)

TEACH-TALKS: lectures (L.)

TEACH-WRIGHT: university professor (L./L.)

TEAM-SOUND-CRAFT: harmony (through Fr. and L.,-Gr.)

TEMPTEDNESS: temptation (O.Fr.-L.)

TEMPTMENTS: temptations (O.Fr.-L./L.)

TENDER: delicate (L.)

TERM-SUNDERMENTS: distinctions (Fr.,-L.)

THAT-TIME-SOME: current (L.)

THEED: nation (L.)

THEEDS: nations (L.)

THEED-LIMB: member of a nation (Fr.-L./L.)

THEED-THANES: diplomats (L.-Gr.)

THEME-WRIT: article (L.)

THE OTHER WAY ROUNDLY: on the contrary (L.)

THING-MAWKS: sentiments about things (Fr.,-L.L.-L.)

THING WORDS: nouns (Anglo-Fr.(O.Fr.-Fr.)-L.)

THING-WORSHIP: materialism (L.)

THITHERNESS: direction (L.)

THOLE: endure (O.Fr.-L.)

THOLE-ALL-SOME-NESS: endure allishness (O.Fr.-L.)

THOLE-SOME: patient (Fr.,-L.)

THOLE-SOME-LY: patiently (Fr.,-L.)

THOLE-SOME-NESS: patience (Fr.,-L.)

THOR-JUICE-Y: electrical (L.-Gr.)

THORP-POMP-MINDEDNESS: parochialism (L.)

THORPS: village (O.Fr.-L.; Gr.)

THOT-CRAFT: philosophy (Gr.)

THOTFUL-FOR-OTHERS: considerate (Fr.,-L.)

THOT-KNOTS: problems (Gr.)

THOT-LORE MEN: philosophers (Gr.)

THOT-RIPPLE-SPREADTHS: mental influences (Fr.,-L./O.Fr.,-Low L.-L.)

THOT-SPROUT: occur to (L./O.E.; Ger.)

THOT-WITHDRAWNNESS: abstraction and life-spurning (L./O.E.; O.N.; Ger./O.E./OE./O.E. cog with Ger.)


THOUGHT-CAST: idea (L.-Gr.)

THOUGHT-GERM: idea (L.-Gr.)


THRAWN-NESS: obstinacy (L.)

THRILL-SEARCH: adventure (O.Fr.-L.)

THROWN-IN-PIECES: encores (Fr. (It.)-perh. from L.)

THRU-TRIAL: rehearsal (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

THRU-TRIED: rehearsed (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

THUS-HAPPENMENT: situation (Low L.-L.)

THWARTSOME: unfavourable (O.E.; cf.Ger./O.Fr.,-L.)

THWART-WISE: counter (Fr.-L.)

TIME-BEAT: conducted (L.)

TIME-BEATER: conductor (L.)

TIME-BEATERS: conductors (L.)

TIME-MATE-ERY: contemporaneousness (L.)

TIME-MATES: contemporaries (L.)

TIME-SPECKS: moments (L.)

TIME-STRETCHES: periods (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TIME-STRICTNESS: punctuality (L.L.)

TIME-TO-ONESELF-DOM: leisure (O.Fr.0L.)

TIT-FOR-TATNESS: revenge (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

TO-COME: future (Fr.-L.)

TO-COME-SOME: future (adj.) (Fr.-L.)

TOGETHER-COME-TH: combination (L.)

TOGETHER-PUT-MENT: combination (L.)

TONE-ART: music (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-ARTERS: musicians (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-ART-JUDGE: music critic (Fr.-L.-Gr./Gr.)

TONE-ART-MAKING: music-making (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-ARTSOME: musical (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-ARTSOME TEAM-WORK: musical ensembles (Fr.-L.-Gr./Fr.-L.)

TONE-ARTY: musical (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-BACKGROUND: accompaniment (Fr.)

TONE-BILL-OF-FARE: program (Gr.)

TONE-BIRTH: composing (Fr. From L.)


TONE-BOUT: movement (O.Fr.-L.)

TONE-BOUTS: movements (O.Fr.-L.)

TONE-BIRTHERS: creative musicians (L./Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-CHAINS: (musical) passages (Fr.-L.-Gr./Fr.-L.)

TONE-CLUSTER-CRAFT: harmony or harmonies (through Fr. and L.,-Gr.)

TONE-CLUSTER-DOM: harmony (through Fr. and L.,-Gr.)

TONE-CLUSTER-FULL: harmonious (through Fr. and L.,-Gr.)

TONE-CLUSTER-MENT: harmony (through Fr. and L.,-Gr.)

TONE-CLUSTER-SHIP: harmony (through Fr. and L.,-Gr.)

TONE-DISKED: gramophoned (Gr.)


TONE-ECHO-MENT: canonical imitation (O.E.-L.-Gr.; L.)

TONE-FEAST: concert or festival (It./L.)

TONE-FEAST-BOOKER: concert manager (It./It.-L.)

TONE-FEAST GIVERS: concert givers (It.)

TONE-FEAST-GIVING: concert-giving (It.)

TONE-FEAST FLAT-FRAME: concert platform (It./Fr.)

TONE-FOESOME: hostile to music (L./Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE FORTH-PLAYERS: performing musicians (Anglo-Fr.-O.Fr.-(L.)/Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-GAY: piece of music (O.Fr.-Low L./Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-GIFTEDNESS: a talent for music (L.-Gr./Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-GIFTS: musical talents (Fr.-L.-Gr./L.-Gr.)


TONE-HALL: music hall (Fr.-L.-Gr.)


TONE-LEADING: conducting (L.)

TONE-LOVING FOLK-MASS: musical public (Fr.-L.-Gr./L.)

TONE-MASTERS: composers (Fr. From L.)

TONE-MEN: musicians (Fr.-L.-Gr.)


TONE MIND-TILTH: musical education (Fr.-L.-Gr./L.)

TONE-PLAY: opera (It.-L.)


TONE-RICH: sonorous (L.)

TONERY: music (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

TONE-SHOW: concert (It.)

TONE-SHOWS: concerts (It.)

TONE-SOUNDERS: singers and players performing (O.E.; Ger.; O.E.; Anglo -Fr.-O.Fr.(L.))

TONE-STRANDS: voices, parts (Fr.-L/O.E. and Fr.-L.)


TONE-STRETCHES: (musical) passages (Fr.-L.-Gr./Fr.-L.)



TONE-TOOL: instrument (L.)

TONE-TOOLS: instruments (L.)

TONE-TRY-OUTS: musical experiments (Fr.-L.-Gr./L.)

TONE-WORKS: compositions (Fr., from L.)

TONE-WRIGHT: composer (Fr., from L.)


TONE-WRITING: musical notation (Fr.-L.-Gr./L.)

TONGUE-PAINTED: described (L.)

TONGUE-WONT: accent (Fr.,-L.)

TOOTHSMITH: dentist (Fr.-L.)

TOOTHSMITHDOM: dentistry (Fr.-L.)

TOP-LAYER: surface (Fr.,(L.))

TOP-LAYERSOME: surface (Fr.,(L.))

TOP-MAN: president (Fr.-L.)

TOP-POINT: climax (Gr.)

TO THE FORE: prominent (L.)


TOUR-BOSS: manager (It.-L.)

TOWARDNESSES: directions (L.)

TOWARDS-NESS: direction (L.)

TOWN-SKILLDOM: civilisation (L.)

TOWN-SKILLSOME: civilised (L.)

TOWN-SKILLSOMENESS: civilisation (L.)

TOWN-SKILL-THY: civilised (L.)

TOWN-SKIRTS: suburbs (L.)

TOWN-SKIRTSOME: suburban (L.)

TOWN-CRIERS: commercial advertisers (Fr.,-L./Fr.,-L.)

TRADE-CRY-SOME PAINTERS: commercial artists (Fr.,-L./Fr., It.-L.)

TRADE-CRYTH: advertisement (Fr.-L.)

TRADE-FOR-GAIN-LIFE: capitalism (O.Fr.-L.)

TRADE-HERALDRY: advertising (Fr.,-L.)

TRADE-HOME: office (Fr.,-L.)

TRAIN-GARTHS: stations (Fr.,-L.)

TRAIN-ROOMS: compartments (Fr.,-L.)

TRAIN-YARD: station (Fr., -L.)

TREAD-WHEEL: bicycle (L. And Gr.)

TRIBE-FATHERLY: patriarchal (Gr.)

TRIBE-FATHERLY GIVE-WILLINGNESS: patriarchal generosity (Gr./Fr.-L.)


TRICKY-WEFTED: complicated (L.)

TROTH-BREAKSOME: treacherous (O.Fr.)

TROTH-GAVE: promised (L.)

TROTH-SAID: promised (L.)

TRUTH-NEATLY: exactly (L.)

TRUTH-SIDE-STEP-MENT: avoidance of truth (Fr.L./O.Fr.)

TRY-OUT-MENTS: experiments (L.)

TRYTH: attempt (O.Fr.-L.)

TRYTHS: attempts (O.Fr.-L.)

TUNEFUL-HIT-TONERY: tuneful percussion (L.-Gr./L.)

TUNES: melodies (Fr.,-Lte L.-Gr.)

TWAID: second (Fr.,-L.)

TWEEN-LANDSOME: international (L.)

TWEEN-LARDED: interlarded (L.)

TWEEN-LOPERS: interlopers (prob.L.)

TWEEN-PLAY: interlude (L.)

TWEEN-THEED-SOME: international (L./L.)

TWEEN-THREAD-SOME: international (L./L.)

TWEEN-TWINE-SOME: intertwining (polyphony) (L./O.E./Gr./Gr.)

TWI-BARTERMENT: compromise (Fr.-L.)

TWI-DEALT: divided (L.)

TWI-DEEM: disagree (L./O.Fr.-L.)

TWI-TALK: conversation (Fr.,-L.)

TWO-FORK-SLING: catapult (L.-Gr.)

TWO-SOME: duet (It.-L.)

TYPE-CLEFTNESS: contrast (Fr.-L.)

TYPESUNDERED: contrasted (Fr.-L.)

TYPE-TRUE: typical (Fr.-L.-Gr.)

UNARTSOME: inartistic (L./Fr.,It.-L.)

UNAWARESOME: unconscious (O.E./L.)

UN-BE-ENDED: unfinished (O.E./Fr.-L.)

UNCHANCE-FOR-ALL-FULLNESS: undemocraticness (O.E./Fr.-Gr.)


UNDERLINEDNESS: over emphasis (O.E.; Ger., L., Gr./Gr.)

UNDERSTONES: foundations (Fr.-L.)


UN-DO-WITIHOUT-ABLE: indispensable (Low L.)

UN-EARNT HOLY-PILLAR: undeserved pedestal (O.E./O.Fr.-L. / Fr.-It.-(L.))

UNFAVOREDNESS: unpreparedness (O.E./Fr.-L.)


UNFOLDMENT: development (Fr.; of obscure origin)

UN-FOLK-PLEASE-SOME: unpopular (O.E./L.)

UN-FRE-WEENED: unexpected (O.E./L.)

UN-FRITHSOME: unnatural (O.E./L.)

UNHANDY: inconvenient (Fr.)

UNHEEDSOME: disobey (O.Fr. (L.)/Fr.-L.)

UN-HIDE: reveal (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

UN-HOSTFULL: inhospitable (O.Fr.,-Low L.)

UN-INDWELLSOME: un-native (O.E./L.)

UN-LIVE-IN-ABLE: uninhabitable (O.E./l.)

UN-LOOKED-FOR-LY: unexpectedly (O.E.; cf. L./L.)

UNMANKINDLINESS: unhumaneness (O.E./Fr.-L.)

UN-METE-ABLE: unmeasurable (O.E./O.Fr.-L.)

UN-ONE-BODY-SOME: impersonal (L./L.)

UNREGULAR: irregular (O.Fr.-Low L.)

UN-RIGHT-CODE-SOME: immoral (L./L.)

UN-RULE-TYPED: irregular (O.Fr.-Low L.)

UN-SEEABLE: invisible (Fr.,-L.)

UN-SET: irregular (O.Fr.-Low L.)

UN-SLIGHT: considerable (Fr.,-L.)

UN-SUNDERABLE: inseparable (L./L.)

UN-THOLE-SOME: impatient (L./Fr.,-L.)

UN-THOLE-SOME-NESS: impatience (L./Fr.,-L.)

UN-UNDERSTOOD: misunderstood (O.E.; O.Fr. (L.))

UN-UP-CLEAR-ABLE: inexplicable (allied to O.E. ‟Un/L.)

UN-WISE-WORTHY: undesirable (O.E.;L./Fr.-L.)

UN-WITHSTANDABLE: irresistible (L.)

UN-WONT-BOUND: unconventional (O.E./Fr.,-L.)

UP-BEARING: supporting (L.)

UP-BEARINGNESS: supportingness (L.)

UP-BUILD-SOME: constructive (L.)

UP-CLEAR: explain (O.Fr.-L.)

UP-CLEAR-ABLE: explainable (O.Fr.-L.)

UP-CLEARING: explaining (O.Fr.-L.)

UP-CLEAR-WORD: explanation (O.Fr.-L.)


UP-HET: excited (Fr.-L.)

UP-HET-MENT: excitement (Fr.,-L.)

UP-KEEPINGLY: continuously (Fr.,-L.)

UP-MAKE-STUFF: ingredient (L.)

UP-MAKING: constituent (L.)

UP-MAKTHS: ingredients (L.)

UP-OFFER-FUL: sacrificial (L.)

UP-WON: admit (through Fr. from L.)

UP-RISE: rebellion (Fr.-L.)

UP-RISE-SOME: rebellious (Fr.-L.)

UP-RISE-SOME-NESS: rebelliousness (Fr.-L.)

UP-STOCKING: replenishing (O.Fr.-L.)

USE-FAIN: practical (Obs. Fr.-L.-Gr.)

UTTERNESSES: extremes (O.Fr.-L.)

VEIN-SWELTH: varicose (L.)

VIE-MENT: competition (L.)

VOICE-ONLY: a cappella (It.)

VOICE-ONLY-SOME: a cappella (It.)

WALT: rule (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

WALT-SOME: domineering (prob through Du.-O.Fr.-L.)

WANTON-MOODED: temperamental (L.)

WARESOME: conscious (L.)

WATER-STRAIGHT: horizontal (Fr., from Gr.)

WAY-BACK-TIME: antiquity (L.; influenced by Fr.)

WAY-FELLOWED: accompanied (Fr.)

WEAL-HEEDTH: consideration (Fr.,-L.)

WEAL-OUTHANDING: benevolence (through Fr. from L.)

WEAL-PLANS: intentions (O.Fr.-L.)

WEATHER-KIND: climate (O.Fr.-Gr.)

WED-ENDMENT: divorce (Fr.-L.)

WED-QUITTING: divorcing (Fr.-L.)

WED-SLOUGHED: divorced (Fr.-L.)

WED-SUNDERED: separated (L.)

WELCOME-MEET: reception (L.)

WELL-DEEM: approve of (O.Fr.-L./O.E.; Du.,Ger.,L.,Gr.)

WELL-DEEM-MENT: approval (O.Fr.,-L.)

WELL-DOINGS: virtues (O.Fr.,-L; cf. Gr.,Sans.)

WENDEL-SEAISH: Mediterranean (L.)

WENDELSEA-TYPED: Mediterranean (L.)

WHALE-LETS: porpoises (O. Fr. -L.)

WHENCE-COME-NESS: origin (Fr.-L.)

WHENCE-NESS: origin (Fr.-L.)

WHIM-HEARD: humoured (O.Fr.-L.)

WHITHERNESS: direction (L.); destination (Fr.,-L.)

WHY-GROUND: reason (Fr.-L.)

WIDE-BORE BRASS: cornets, saxhorns, baritones, tubas (Fr.-L./ ‟Sax + O.E.; Scand. and Ger., Gael, and W., L., Gr./Fr.-Gr./L.)

WIDE-OWNTH: estate (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

WILD-ANGRY: furious (O.Fr.-L.)

WILL-DROVE: insisted (L.)

WIND-AND-STRING-BAND: orchestra (L.-Gr.)

WIND-BANDS: military bands (L.)

WINDPIPE-COLD: bronchitis (Gr.)

WIRE-CODE: telegraph (Gr.)

WIRE-SENDMENTS: telegrams (Gr.)

WISE-SAW: proverb (Fr.-L.)

WISH-STILTH: satisfaction (O.Fr.-L.)

WISH-WORTHINESS: desirability (Fr.-L.)

WISH-WORTHY: desirable (Fr.-L.)

WITHDRAWN: retired (Fr.)

WITHSTANDABLE: resistible (L.)

WITHSTANDMENT: resistance (L.)

WONDER-STRUCK: amazed (O.E. ‟Amasian)

WONT-BLIND: blind to convention (Fr.,-L.)

WONT-BOUND: conventional (Fr.,-L.)

WONT-BOUNDNESS: habitualness (Fr.,-L.)

WONTS: traditions (L.)

WONTSOME: usual (L.)

WOOD-WORKER: carpenter (O.Fr.-Low L.)


WORD-CHAIN: sentence (Fr.-L.)


WORD-PARTS: syllables (L.-Gr.)

WORD-POINT: allude (L.)


WORD-SHAMED: reviled (O.Fr.-L.)

WORD-SOUNDING: pronouncing (Fr.-L.)

WORD-STROVE: remonstrated (L.)

WORD-TAGS: syllables (L.-Gr.)

WORD-TROTH: promise (L.)

WORD-LINKS: hyphens (Gr.)

WORD-WRESTLE-MENTS: arguments (O.Fr.-L.)

WORK-BEFREEDNESS: leisure (O. Fr.-L.)

WORK-GIVER: employer (Fr.-L.)

WORK-GUILD: trade-union (M.E.; akin to O.E./Fr.-L.)

WORK-GUILD SPOKESMEN: trade-union delegates (M.E.; akin to O.E./ Fr.-L. / L.)

WORK-JOBLIKE: professional (L.)

WORKMENS LEAGUES: trade unions (M.E.; akin to O.E./Fr.-L./L.)

WORK-OUTING: practising (Obs. Fr.-L.-Gr.)

WORK-RIDDING AT-FINDMENTS: work-saving inventions (Fr.-Low L.-L./L.)

WORLD DEAF-HEARING: world ignoring (L.)

WORLD-JOY-QUAFFERS: enjoyers of the world (O.Fr.(L.); O.Fr.-L.)

WORLD-REALM: Empire (Fr.-L.)

WORLDWIDE-MOODED: international (L./L.)

WORLD-WIDE-NESS: cosmopolitanism (Gr.)

WORLD WISDOM: grasp of world worths (M.E./O.E. (Ger.))

WORSHIP-MOODED: reverent (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

WORSHIP-PRIZEMENTS: admirations (Fr.-L.)

WORST-WEIGHSOME: critical (Gr.)

WORTH-EARN: deserve (O.Fr.-L.)

WORTH-PRIZED: admired (Fr.-L.)

WORTH-PRIZEFUL: admiratious (Fr.-L.)

WORTH PRIZE-WORTHY: worthy of admiration (Fr.-L.)

WORTHS: values (O.Fr., Fr., -L.)

WORTH-SEEING: appreciative (L.)

WORTH-WEIGHERS: critics (Gr.)

WORTH-WEIGHFULNESS: criticalness (Gr.)

WORTH-WEIGHINGLY: critically (Gr.)

WORTH-WEIGHSOME: critical (Gr.)


WRECKFULLNESS: destruction (L.)

WRECK-LUST: joy in destruction (Fr. (cf. It.)-L./L.)

WRECKSOMELY: disastrously (O.Fr.(L.)-L., Gr.)

WRIT-GROOMED: edited (L.)

WRIT-MISTRESS: secretary (L.L.)

WRIT-POLISH: edit (L.)

WRIT-STORED: recorded (O.Fr.-L.)

WRONG-REPAYER: revenger (O.Fr.(Fr.)-L.)

YEARBOOKS: annuals (L.L.)

YEAR-HUNDRED: century (L.)

YEA-SOME: affirmative or positive (O.Fr.-L./L.)

YEA-SOME HUNGERS: positive appetites (L./through Fr. from L.)

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