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Percy Grainger  

Celebrating his Life and Work


Our Mission

Percy Grainger America in engaged in a re-creation of the life and times of  Percy Grainger during his forty years in America (1921 to 1961). His home at 7 Cromwell Place, White Plains, New York, is a living time capsule that fascinates visitors with how an internationally famous, radically inventive creative artist (and his wife, Ella Viola Strom, also an artist) lived and worked as "different drummers" in twentieth century America.

The Graingers' home is a living storybook world for Grainger fans who are inspired by his creative approach to music and life. Arrange your next visit here

Items of Interest, performances, lectures, notable occurrences, in the Grainger world. 

"My art sets out to celebrate the beauty of bravery."        

                                       -Percy Grainger


7 Cromwell Place

White Plains, NY  10601

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