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Mon, October 31, 2016 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Is the Grainger House haunted?

For years, there have been reports that the Grainger House is haunted. Musicians composing alone at Percy's own big work table in the dining room have suddenly felt Percy's presence, approving or disapproving, beside them. A former housesitter of reliable and sound mind even claims that he saw objects move on three different occasions: a table leg in the kitchen vibrated; a backpack strap on the second floor oscillated; and a light switch in the basement turned off by itself.

Recently, because of the number of vagrants and other security concerns in the neighborhood, the White Plains police have been making regular rounds about the house. Surveillance cameras have also been installed inside the house.

Strange things are happening

On the night of Saturday, July 2, 2016, another as yet unexplained occurrence was captured on film: something triggered the motion detector in the dining room, once at 8:32, again at 9:23. A lighted object flew across the room, passing out of sight as it left the room. It did not fly like a moth or a bat, and nothing could be found wrong with the camera itself. And a laser beam wouldn't set off the motion detector. Creepy! You can see the videos for yourself by clicking on the links provided below. At the bottom of this item, you will find some screen captures from the first video. In it, the object begins as a tiny dot against a dark background in the upper right hand corner. It grows in size as it passes across the table and exits in the lower left. In the second video, the object flies from left to right. Security camera experts have viewed these films and have offered no scientific explanation.

Who was it?

Was it Percy, testing an inspiration for some new musical device? Was it Ella, resident sprite of the household? Was it Percy's mother Rose, wishing to assert her domination? What do YOU think it was? Click on the links and see.



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