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Group Visits

Larger Groups and School Visits

Thank you for choosing the Percy Grainger Home and Studio for your visit. We offer a wide range of Group and Private Tour Opportunities to meet your interests. We are excited you are joining us!

Groups up to 50 people: $10 per person

For each additional person over 50: $5 per person

Teachers accompanying school groups: free

School visits

Prior to students visiting the Home and Studio, we suggest you present an overview of the Percy Grainger's work and discuss with students what to expect during the visit.  Here are some suggestions: 

For more information or to book your Group Tour today please call 914-281-1610 or email info@percygrainger.org

We look forward to your visit!


For those with further interest in Percy Grainger's biography and work with bands, other interesting sites in proximity to the Percy Grainger Home and Studio include:

Fort Jay-Governor's Island (21 miles, directions are here)

The first Army School of Music was actually the Military Band Department of the Institute of Musical Art (to be renamed The Juilliard School in 1926). Its military title was the Army Band Leaders Training School and was founded in 1911 by Frank Damrosch, the founder of the Institute of Musical Art, and located at both Fort Jay, Governor’s Island and at the Institute in New York City with Captain Arthur A. Clappé as its Principal.

Grainger joined the Army in June 1917, at age 34 and his first Army assignment was with the 15th Coast Artillery Corps Band, stationed at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, New York.  In June of 1918, Grainger was assigned to Fort Jay, Governors Island as an instructor in the Army Band Leaders Training School. Classroom instruction took place at the Institute, at Broadway and 122nd Street in Manhattan, and performing and conducting were taught on the Governors Island. Grainger was appointed Assistant Band Leader, November 1, 1918.

(Above) The 15th Band, Coast Artillery Corps, U.S. Army, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, 1917. Front row center, in civilian attire, is Arthur A. Clappé (faculty 1911-20), principal of the bandmaster training school on Governors Island. Rocco (Robert) Resta (Diploma ’13, Military Bandleaders Course), leader of the Fort Hamilton band, is second to the left of Clappé, holding a baton. To Clappé's right is Australian composer and pianist Percy Grainger, Army bandsman at Fort Hamilton, who enlisted in 1917 and was later transferred to Governors Island. (Photo by J.J. Fisher, New York. From the collection of the Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne, Australia)

A helpful contact to arrange a tour is Fort Jay volunteer Molly Skardon

The United States Military Academy at West Point History Museum (39 miles, directions are here)

Note particularly the Bicentennial Band Exhibit, which include's an exhibition including Percy Grainger's work with West Point. 

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