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   We couldn't do it without you...

Your support has been essential in our efforts to continue restoring the Percy Grainger House. Contributions have paved the way for special projects such as the repair of Percy's Steinway Piano and the 1910 Adler Harmonium. Grants have funded, among other things, strategic planning, software and a scanner for collections management, and a recent building survey. 


Estate of Stewart R. Manville

The Museum Association of New York 

Grand Patron ($1000 or more)

Documentary Heritage and Preservation Service of New York 

William Garlette

Madonna Grehan

Preservation League of New York

Matthew Robertson

Syd & Jan M. Silverman Foundation (in honor of the Marich Family)

 Patron ($500+)

EdwardsColsonLaw, PLLC

Benefactor ($250+)


Eric Culver

Mark Dewsnap

Mark N. Grant

John Nance

Gerald Thayer


Supporter $100+

Robert Colson

Vincent Lionti (in memorium)

Andy McGarrell

Matthew McGarrell

Brooke Mitchell

Timothy Rhea

Cora Sowa

John Stamp

Friend $50+

Anonymous x 3

Pam Choinski

Paula Crider

Christoper Edwards

Danielle Greenberg

Paul Jackson

Fred Lassen

Anne Ocone

Barry Ould

John Parfrey

Dana Paul Perna

Alan Seiden

James Richard Simon

Greg Swanson

Karen Van Spall


Anonymous x 2

Andrew Anderson

Teresa Balough

Larry Bellucci

Jessica Claire

Michael Collins

Amanda Edwards

Daniel Fabricius

Stephen Gomez

Richard Keller

Kate Purdy

Natalie Saralou

Kelly Shaefer

Karla Padawer Solomon

John Steefel

Richard W. Keller

*As of May, 2020 and including supporters starting as of 2018. Please send us an email if we accidentally missed you!


We are a volunteer-led organization and rely on our volunteers to help move our mission forward. Examples of opportunities include tour leaders, gardening/property beautification projects, and assistance with events and house/collections projects. Please contact us to learn more!

Our special thanks to:

  • Curt Ebersole for his docent skills in taking visiting conductors through the Grainger House
  • Mark N. Grant for overseeing the repair of Percy's Steinway and Harmonium
  • Suzanne Hoch for the many hours she has spent going through Grainger Concert Programs, assembling a list of selections played
  • Sam Hoch and Boy Scout Troop 73 for choosing the Grainger House for his Eagle Scout Project
  • Matt McGarrell for his time, skills, and creativity in photographing items in the Grainger House  
  • Paul Jackson and Richard Masters for their beautiful tributes to Vincent Lionti
  • John Steefel for his endless repairs of lamps, doors, and other building needs

7 Cromwell Place, White Plains, NY 10601


Tel: (914) 281-1610

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